A JAZZ painting isn't an uncool mistake waiting to be rehabilitated by a more socially alert curator, but rather a particular form that painting what’s happening in life at a particular time takes.

Since 2015

JAZZ Paintings

There might be nothing more antagonistic than the pure improvisatory art of Jazz and a contemporary artist like me, pretending to improvise month after month for years. But the thing is, at some point, I did have the idea to paint like this in the first place - that was the Jazz moment.

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painting on a canvas ground featuring the text 'Jazz' three times above one another, with each letter painted red, black, or green.
painting on a white background of the Shepard Fairey 'Obey' avatar painted in bright yellow.
Since 2009

OBEY (after Shepard Fairey)

Repetition recollects forward. Nothing that happens is finished. Everything, including ourselves, is always other than it is.

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"The overall vibe, in terms of both the painting and life, is what you give attention to vs. what you will youself not to."

Richard Parry, artist

Painting Field Recordings

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