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    Bloomberg SPACE, 2012

    Five Landscape Paintings are institutionally shared through Bloomberg's glass gallery walls. They depict scenes from a specific London suburb where the artist has just bought a flat. A decorative form of collateral to be harvested, they are seen to inform wider economies. Specifically the Brockley Property Market. Making visible ways public information or display might become subverted. In the interests of of private or even institutional wealth extraction.

  • Words - Richard Parry
    3236RLS/Gallery Le Bourgeois, 2018

    I think if you're a painter
    In London now and
    You want to be serious
    You have to accept
    You're working in a desert and
    You have to address
    The culture of your own work
    Starting from zero.
    And you have to actively repel
    And be antagonistic all the time
    To these consoling illusions of community
    Which are really no different
    To propaganda
    Or 'We Are City Island'
    Advertorial column inches.
    So maybe I'm painting
    OBEY paintings since 2009
    Because it makes me feel artistic to paint
    OBEY paintings since 2009.
    Not because I have an urge in my blood to paint OBEY paintings since 2009.
    Not because it's part of my cultural community to paint OBEY paintings since 2009.
    And maybe it feels avant-garde
    To exhibit them
    Inside a Mark E Smith tribute foam party
    Inside an emerging project space
    Inside Catford (but not Lambeth, no no no)
    Inside London when
    The entire social franchise is saying
    You are not real
    You are not the artist
    That Shepard Fairey was

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    Lewisham Art House, 2016

    If your role when you hove no power is to make souvenirs of your culture for commercial use then you are doing what the Government says artists do. So maybe I'm painting JAZZ paintings because it makes me feel artistic to paint paintings about JAZZ. Not because I have an urge in my blood to paint paintings about JAZZ. Not because it's part of my cultural community To paint JAZZ paintings.

  • Words - Richard Parry
    Turner Contemporary, 2015

    Not Not Fireworks is a Land Art initiative about exceeding ironic economies of attention.
    Substantiating single entendre principles.
    Risking the disapproval of collectivised yuppsters.
    Or those that want to be like collectivised yuppsters.
    And art persons afraid of gaze or ridicule.
    It has been inspired by the oppressive nature of the too successful artist.
    By this I mean the conferred ability to critique a question whilst tacitly avoiding its content.
    Like using the same groovy technique to expose the enemy as insulate yourself.
    Colonial criticality.
    The tyranny of "COOL".
    Visual aids for gentrifiers.
    Irony institutionalised.
    And other simultaneous things.

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  • Words - Richard Parry
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    Five landscape paintings or institutions shared through bluebirds glass gallery walls. It says from a specific specific aspirational London a suburb where the artist has just bought a flat, a decorative form of collateral to be harvested. They are seen to wider corners, specifically the property property market. Visible ways in which public information or display might become subverted in the interest in institutional wealth.

  • Words - Richard Parry
    Transcribed by, 2019

    Island Diet Coke coke Hello Come on either
    2009 2009
    microphone to
    the culture island
    2009 2009 radio
    not lambda Island
    2009 2009 Island Welcome to
    the IRA maybe some off
    imagine project I'm getting stolen
    in charge of emerging projects inside
    the entire social franchise so

  • Words - Richard Parry
    Transcribed by, 2019

    Contemporary criticize hi
    official story
    and also a lot of gold
    qualities of
    being close to my best friend face
    this man is
    which is logic money to use it
    to learn soon as content
    providers for museums and heritage before
    we turn to you very
    good to
    take the first yeah
    hello because he was
    talk about the kind of historical journey together reenactment of
    living all
    kinds of non smoking
    mobile flexible as always being formed agree for
    radio show radio when
    announced that
    you're stopping
    by the police the new
    it's like a small percentage we're not complacent by about 20 years old
    any recently I went
    nobody's beggar kid
    used to be he didn't stop with
    yeah yeah stop performing
    it was surprised me
    because like Ben
    bass bass guitar and
    Hi, I'm Ben is
    the lead singer and songwriter guitarist and incompetently as also known as the rebel and we don't live in America live
    I'm still part of thinking about it okay yeah yeah
    at the
    Get away from me
    experiments and processing
    captive audience
    wonderful the things that can be done around the world
    very uncomfortable doing
    I like the idea of having this building and making it sound like a screaming
    you know working
    we're here to the science of like
    this okay the this gentleman the things
    are found in the in the in the
    in the room yeah
    just got like a fleet of taxi
    I've never been
    likely going to be that the Obama button
    going to buy the house and going there and when I was part of the process, the final level
    high level exhibition shops in the
    meantime going there
    God I need to be
    going to
    know all
    would you just say you know today
    this is come back. Oh.
    like this How many have I want you to try to put a horn on it? I want you to
    have another one. Yeah.
    Says already into the brain. And already is loss.
    Destruction creates
    we see your silhouette.
    sizes so
    come see us at
    UZCURREM new
    So happy
    people live from
    to Sundance
    there is no
    and wait just
    face to
    face to six men. Me
    ways it's not
    then we turn around. Right.
    What do we do?
    Why do we care?
    so much about that.
    That sounds good. Rick, Rick,
    Right away.
    You're listening to the welcome
    kind of thing is
    you matter to

  • Words - Richard Parry
    Transcribed by, 2019

    Right awesome for life
    like that
    maybe I'm painting job painting because it makes me feel hey
    maybe it's a
    real you're not Dr. If you make
    your way
    it won't be identity and
    everything Hi.

  • Words - Richard Parry
    Transcribed by, 2019

    Not silence
    approval classifies youngsters
    or those one the likes of
    inspired by the obsessive nature.
    By this I mean each critique
    avoiding its content
    using the same route which is in
    tyranny of visual UH
    irony in
    another similar title

  • Words - Richard Parry
    Transcribed by, 2019

    Getting ready to the best night
    in ages
    gonna get
    any closing night
    boy boy.
    wearing shorts, t shirts and feature is advisable you may want to complete the goggles
    and stripped down to speed.
    The end of the month. We have
    keep making
    killer deals
    make sure they only have a small
    in the club.
    Everyone is going to get
    it's all part of the fun of the following.
    wouldn't go
    cheap see makeup.
    Make sure you wear water.
    Remember, shoes,
    the following
    jacket jacket
    when it dries right.
    Not a good idea. Take the bag and dry place
    to change the way
    keep it dry.