Land Art


  • Africa

    an arrangement of driftwood photographed in a tiled floor

    Country On The Click

    With Mr Omar Abdi Ali. Gezira Beach, Somalia 2013

    a man sailing a dhow on a sunny afternoon


    After Jeff Koons & Ivana Porfiri. Kilifi Creek, Kenya 2015

    a tourist souvenir blanket overprintd with the Luis Vuitton monogram

    National Gallery of Zimbabwe

    National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare 2010

  • Americas

    a view from a dune buggy from the top of a sandy hill, looking out to a warm sea

    Offset Critical High Ground

    With Oscar Murillo, Asia District, Peru, 2016

  • Europe

    two cybergoth women adertising a warehouse part

    Ballard in Narnia

    With Merlin Carpenter. The Interzone and Narnia, 2011

    a low resolution image of a lagoon, watermarked by free editing software

    Commissione Privata

    Venetian Lagoon, Italy / Western Union, Buluwayo. 2013

    faces merge into one another surrounded by autumnal sky and undergrowth

    Firewalls For The New Sensationalist

    Hull City of Culture, 2017

    large crowds inside a large trade fair hall with high ceilings

    Harare Conversations

    After Art Basel. American Apparel, Glasgow / Edinburgh Annuale 2013

    a firework exploding in the night sky above tenanments

    Not Not Fireworks

    Anderston / Glasgow International 2016

    a firework explodes in the night sky at the seaside

    Not Not Fireworks

    Margate / Turner Contemporary 2015

    a firework explodes in the night sky above London

    Not Not Fireworks

    London / Elephant & Castle Regeneration Zone 2014

    a man's face is visible, drinking a tin of beer inside an art gallery filled with foam

    Painting exhibition inside a Mark E. Smith tribute foam party etc.

    Gallery Le Bourgeois, London 2018

    a group of men and women pose inside an artist studio with a colourful backdrop

    Record Launch

    Piper Keys, London 2016

    the tide lapping gently at the shoreline beneath a bright sun

    Salon Neu

    The Embassy Gallery / The North Sea / Peru 2012

    a mans face is visible peering over rows of bright yellow lilos staked vertically throughout a gallery

    Satellite Show

    The Institute of Social Hypocrisy, Paris 2011

    a women and two figures in the background laugh at a man waving away smoke inside a gallery

    Social Aesthetics

    Featuring Victor Boullet / Merlin Carpenter publication launch. Paris 2010

    a man walking out of an Indian restuarant, seen from the opposite side of the street

    Social Ceramics

    Featuring Moby. Brick Lane / Mews Projects, London 2014

    a low resolution black and white film still of a women walking past rows of riot police outside

    Young London

    With Null&Void art collective. Online / The Water of Leith Walkway, Edinburgh 2011

"The rise of Land Art as a genre is directly correlative with the collapse of any effective alternative reality structure outside capitalism. It's not a case of the art-world versus ‘the outside’, but the art-world versus hidden commitments. Always ask: who is their god? For the outsiders feeling trapped inside it's usually The Big Other or King Oedipus or both."

Richard Parry artist