Bringing mediation to life with Land Art

It's not a case of the art-world versus ‘the outside’, but the art-world versus hidden commitments.

An audience wearing lifejackets outside in a post industrial wasteland.
Regeneration Zones, UK

Not Not Fireworks

Plotting a complex frontier between spatial politics and cultural change. Where the production of subjectivity becomes a crucial site for analysing and intervening in reproductions of ‘nature’.

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a man holds a rocket in a dimly-lit street at night
horizon photographed with a disposable camera

“For the lay art audience, the materials are static deliverables with a fixed net worth. For the professional artist, however, the materials are in flux and must be moved onto another speculative configuration to facilitate asset backed securitization.”

Dr Neil Mullholland, Research Explorer

Post-enclosure practices

It's like the audience are agents of their own salvation – social capitalists whose visibility depends on mobilizing any resources as a form of decentralised, third party control.

Spark real-time reidentification

DISCLAIMER: All titles represented through this artwork are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people or other real-life entities is purely coincidental. Any resemblance to the Young London exhibition franchise, or exhibits therein is purely conincidental and no identification is intended or should be inferred.

Young London

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King's Cross Tunnel

Official Water.

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Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre

Live @ Elephant & Castle (exceprt).

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Turner Contemporary

Sketches of Margate.

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Hull City of Culture 2017

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Edinburgh Annuale 2011

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