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For a studio visit

My studio is located within Zone 2 of London. Please give at least one week's notice. Visits usually last one hour.

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To purchase an artwork

Tell me the title of the artwork you're interested in, and I'll be in touch with availability, price information and to answer any questions.


To see an artwork

Tell me the title/s you're interested in, and I'll be in touch to arrange a viewing in person or online and high-resolution images.


  • Yes. In my studio, through a site visit or online. Please contact me.

  • Experiencing an artwork in person is the best way. Studio visits and artwork viewings are free and available by appointment, and provide an opportunity to informally view artworks. I will also be able to answer any questions.

  • You might request a condition report (a written description or video of it's condition. These are prepared in accordance with my Terms of Service.

  • Yes. On purchases over £5,000.

  • Sometimes.

  • Payment is received in Pounds Stirling (GBP). Sales, use or value added taxes (VAT) may be due on your purchase/s. Before agreeing a purchase, please research any import/export restrictions that may affect your decision.


  • Shipping remains the responsibility of the buyer. I can help compile art transport quotes and arrange storage and collection facilities from my studio

  • Yes. I can explain how to install the artwork through step by step instructions and video conference calls to your technician/s. I can also suggest interesting approaches to installing reflective artworks. Sometimes I can recommend local technicians or attend in person.

  • Yes. This comprises your original paper invoice and online ownership documents, accessible from my website with your personal login.

  • Like John Bratby said: Ideally there should be no frame. The paintings are, in most cases, designed to the furthest extent of the picture-surface and encroachment, however small it may be, will impair their visual conception.

  • Mounting materials should be acid-free, and the clear layer over the front should be treated to protect the artwork from UV rays.

  • Sign in through (from my website navbar, right hand side) or scan the QR code on your invoice.

  • Yes. Please ensure the artwork is returned to me within 14 days of leaving my studio (at your risk and cost), in the original condition, securely packaged and including my original delivery documents. Since my first sale in 2006, there have been no returns.


Ask me anything

  • Not really.

  • I hope not.

  • The New Dome in 2008, MOT International in 2009, 3236RLS/Gallery Le Bourgeois in 2018.

  • I painted JAZZ LIVE JAZZ in 2009.

  • I've been painting them since 2009. There were over 200 at the last count. The exact number remains ongoing.

  • I don't know. All artwork is provided "as is".

  • They're bad aren't they, Zabludowicz?

  • I need the money. We're not all Eddie Peake.

  • Painting, Land Art or Field Recording - it changes every five minutes!

  • I don't really know. For me the vision was to make art that didn't exist, because everything else was so unsatisfactory.

  • Prince William meeting Richard Parry


  • I knew it was coming. I knew they didn't have the nerve. The paintings were all decommissioned after a month. Too radical.

  • Yes. There's a copy here.

  • Art Zimbabwe is an expanded approach to mail art and contemporary art processes having mainly to do with structural purposes of a particular 'native information'. It is the study of a particular landscape without taking into account any outside influence.

  • I don't know. I'm not involved with allocations.

  • A group of afluent people posing for a photograph at a social event

    No way man!

  • A couple.

  • No. Maybe try Frenetic Happinness or Antenne Books.