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A new way to experience artwork in progress.

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horizon photographed with a disposable camera

Land Art

Simple, secure and shareable solutions for reterritorialising or remediating landscape.

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Richard Parry Land Art

Autoethnography 2020

Learn how Land Art creates, collaborates and redevelops new audience subjectivities into the future.

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Richard Parry Painting

What's an exhibition?

Discover how studio paintings are mediating conceptual art, repetition and more.

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Contemporary art resources

Discover a broad selection of artworks, approaches and critical literacy tools to advance understanding.

Land Art

"London London" published by MAY

A case study of a transnational, late 2000’s corporate entity and its field.

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Landmark real estate developments enabling corrupt politicians with activities in London

“To experience artwork as the loss of context, a type of death - this will happen, hear me out.”

Richard Parry, Artist
Sillhouette of a man playing a trumpet with instrumentalisation symbolised within the brain

“Subject matter is the least interesting thing.”

Richard Parry, Artist

"SWISS JAZZ" acquired by the National Art Library

Artist book. Special Collections 808.AS.0018.

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