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Get in touch to experience my studio, view paintings and see work in progress.
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Enhance your collection with my secure, easy-to-use Online Viewing Room.

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horizon photographed with a disposable camera

Land Art

Simple, secure and shareable solutions for reterritorialising your landscape.

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Land Art solutions

The point isn't to become better adjusted with your environment.

The point is to remain completely at odds with it.

Why Land Art
Painting solutions

A JAZZ painting isn’t an uncool mistake waiting to be rehabilitated by a more socially alert curator.

But rather a particular form that painting what’s happening in life at a particular time takes.

Why Painting

Contemporary art resources

To filter mundane concerns through fantastic art world mechanisms. To be always in motion, without going anywhere.


"London London" published by MAY Journal

London London describes a rapidly changing art-world. Where social awareness is defined by the people who represent it, and then it has an institutional dimension. Read online

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Contemporary performance art within a post-industrial warehouse setting

“To experience artwork as the loss of context, a type of death - this will happen, hear me out.”

Richard Parry, Artist
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“Subject matter is the least interesting thing.”

Richard Parry, Artist

"SWISS JAZZ" acquired by the National Art Library

Swiss Jazz tells the story of desperately Projected Native Informants who can't go 'back to nature' because they get agoraphobia without contextual purchase.

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OBEY, 2009 - present

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OBEY painting

OBEY (detail #10) after Shepard Fairey. See more

OBEY painting

OBEY (detail #87) after Shepard Fairey. See more

OBEY painting

OBEY (detail #147) after Shepard Fairey. See more

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