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Digital catalogue raisonné of paintings

Please contact me to confirm an artwork in your possession will be included. The first four installments are coming soon.

Omega Works

"London London" published by MAY Journal

London London by Richard Parry, investigates a rapidly changing world. Where 'Community' is defined by the offshore speculators that represent it, and now it has an extractive dimension. Read online

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signifiying formation of people enacting performance art inside a post-industrial warehouse setting

“To experience artwork as the loss of context, a type of death - this will happen, hear me out.”

Richard Parry, Artist
interior of an ornate, wood-panelled library

“Subject matter is the least interesting thing.”

Richard Parry, Artist

"SWISS JAZZ" acquired by the National Art Library

Swiss Jazz by Richard Parry, tells the story of projected Native Informant type figures, who can't 'return to nature' because they get agoraphobia without contextual purchase.

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Studio F20, Lewisham Arthouse, 140 Lewisham Way, London SE14 6PD.