richard parry, artist, in conversationIN CONVERSATION EVENT @ HULL CITY OF CULTURE 2017

/ the running late leaving now see you inside the jazz club but there is no more jazz club jazz club.

Drop by for some GOBLIN ALE.
Drop by for some wine and cheese.
"Each new work is executed according to a formula conceived in response to a sociopolitical situation"


Ok, so its open air painting at the burnt-out legacyzone - a post-regeneration gentrification post-speculative [insert your own referencedude here]type dreamscape.  And if it rains, I’ll retreat into a readymade pop-up studio located in 2 shipping containers. The shipping containers will be perfectly projected in the same style as Native Informants to maximise meaning. Think duck feather duvets, comfy beds, 300 thread count linen, Roberts radios, fridge stocked with fresh milk for tea and complimentary critical coconut water. (An additional benefit is sustainability. If the readymade runs out or it all goes pear-shaped, we can simply pack up the containers and go elsewhere).

The Richard Parry: In Conversation event is on March 23rd with shuttlebuses departing Humber Street Gallery at 5pm. Spaces are limited and RSVP is essential.
But thee event will now also start at Tapasya Marina, which is located just around thee corner from Humber Street Gallery.



Something like offering a unique art experience by this emerging Hull-born artist, view selected open air painting conditions at the post improv culture hub - it’s a firewall for the new sensationalist.  Something like a beginners guide to his own mind, the artist has a personal relationship with making engaging artwork and promoting exclusive, socially pertinent content to be used on site or onlion (every day)



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[1] "If you are visiting and you don’t know the area particularly well we would like to ask you to engage with the history and the context of , which has seen rapid gentrification causing inflated rents and displacement. Art galleries and artists are, as we know, positioned within this process in more than one way. Being mindful of this is an ongoing and active process and can be done in small and big ways. One of the small ways that attention to this issue and respect for the area can be carried out is that money is not spent in Trojan Horse businesses. Supporting local businesses run by people who have lived in the area before it was considered a destination is important. Here are just a few places we recommend:"

2. undecided



5. secondary market jam sesh

6. Paul Burwell

7.all what jazz ISBN 780571134762

8.  Gamelan Ensemble

9. neo impressionism

10. infowarriors in the legacyzone 


13.Hull Jazz and Jazzmen ISBN 9780951475027