Richard Parry artist website

Born Hull 1983


Art Zimbabwe

This is the spring without end. This is the summer of malcontent. This is the art fair of your mind.

2009 - present

Art Zimbabwe reflection
River Hull Boathouse., with Anne Bean

Field Recording

The ethnographic practice of collecting social data. Local fields process 'global information'.

2016 - present

Land Art

The point isn't to become better adjusted with your environment. The point is to remain completely at odds with your environment.

2011 - present

Country on the Click, Somalia
unplugged painting exhibiton, Salon 4


You get all these art advisors with Christie's catalogues under their arms fronting this stuff with green blobs and brown blobs. They're going, "Oh, it's about the economy and Third World debt." Then they tell me my stuff isn't art. But it's miles better than their f***ing horrible blobs.

2009 - present